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Pest control in Brooklyn – If you have discovered that you have a pest problem in your home or business in Brooklyn or surrounding areas, get the team from The Pest Control Specialists Pretoria East to assist!

Whether you are struggling to get rid of tiny black ants, have spotted termites eating away at your wooden things, or can hear the rats running around in your ceiling… The Pest Control Specialists in Brooklyn (Pretoria East) can help you eradicate these pests from your property – quickly and effectively.

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We service Brooklyn, Pretoria with:
  • IPM program for the food and health industries
  • Commercial & Domestic Pest Control
  • Rodent (rat & mouse) control
  • Termite control and Soil Poisoning Solutions
  • Cockroach, ant, fly, flea, ticks & others
  • Professional Disinfection & Fumigation Services
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    Our pest control service offering to Brooklyn, Pretoria:

    We have the know-how and experience to get rid of pests successfully. No matter which pests you are struggling with in your home or business in Brooklyn, Pretoria East, The Pest Control Specialist can take care of it. Call us today for professional pest control in Brooklyn.

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    Get a pest management plan for your business

    If you own a business in Pretoria, then an effective pest control / pest maintenance plan is a must! Pest management is an essential and ongoing endeavour for business owners, to ensure their properties are pest-free. Why is pest control important for your business?

    Pest control should be taken seriously, to ensure these critters don’t hinder your business operations. Pests have the ability to wreak havoc in your business, if not kept under control causing damage to property and inventory, that can lead to financial repercussions and even the loss of sales. Here are a few of the negative effects of pests on your business:

    • Damage to property: Rats, mice, termites and other pests can cause great damage to your property. Rodents love chewing away at appliances, plastic pipes, electric cables, furniture and more. Termites are just as destructive, and can hollow out wooden furniture, floors, pillars and more in no time. Don’t wait until the pests have cause irreparable damage to your property and belongings, get a pest control company in Brooklyn to assist as soon as you spot a pest infestation on your business property.
    • Damage to inventory: In addition to causing damage to property, pests can cause great damage to your inventory. Businesses in the food supply industry have to take extra precautions to ensure that their food sources are not damaged and contaminated, as this can lead to a great loss of income, when products need to be thrown away.
    • Spreading of diseases: Pests also pose big health risks for your employees and customers. Some pests like rodents and roaches can carry and spread harmful bacteria and viruses, that can be transmitted to your workers and your customers if they come into contact with the pests, urine or faeces and contaminated areas.
    • Reputation of your business: Don’t let pests give your business a bad rep. Get the team of exterminators to provide and effective services for pest control in Brooklyn, to get rid of your pest problem as soon as possible.

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    Effective pest control in Brooklyn, Pretoria East

    Don’t struggle by trying to take care of your pest infestation yourself – leave the pest control in Brooklyn to the professionals. Here are a few reasons and benefits of making use of The Pest Control Specialists in Brooklyn:

    • The Pest Control Specialists in Brooklyn are experienced in all types of pests
    • We use products and methods that are safe for the environments
    • Enjoy effective and lasting pest control results
    • Save time, effort and money by using our professional pest control company in Brooklyn
    • We offer home and business pest control solutions at competitive prices

    Call The pest Control Specialists for pest control in Brooklyn

    Get in touch with the leading pest control experts in Brooklyn, Pretoria East, today for a pest-free environment.


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