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Call The Specialists for pest control in Groenkloof – If you have detected a pest infestation in your home or place of work in Groenkloof or other Pretoria East area, get a professional team of exterminators to take care of the problem, before it gets even bigger.

Common South African pests like rodents, cockroaches, termites and ants can cause great damage to your property, not to mention the harmful germs you, your family or workers are exposed to. You are not alone – various pests are wreaking havoc in homes and businesses in Groenkloof, which is why you need to get the help of a professional pest control company to assist.

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We service Groenkloof, Pretoria with:
  • IPM program for the food and health industries
  • Commercial & Domestic Pest Control
  • Rodent (rat & mouse) control
  • Termite control and Soil Poisoning Solutions
  • Cockroach, ant, fly, flea, ticks & others
  • Professional Disinfection & Fumigation Services

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    Best pest control services in Groenkloof, Pretoria:

    The team from The Pest Control Specialists in Groenkloof, Pretoria East, are experienced in all types of pests, and make use of specialised treatments for the complete extermination of each of them. Our pest control methods are safe, reliable and effective in eradicating pests for the long term.

    Look no further for pest control in Groenkloof, get the professional team from The Pest Control Specialists to assist today!

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    Flea Control

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    Snake Relocation

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    Bird Control

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    Bed Bugs

    Groenkloof Stored Beetle Insects

    Stored Product Insects

    Groenkloof Weevil Beetles

    Weevil Beetle Control

    Groenkloof Carpet Beetles

    Carpet Beetle Control

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    Weed Control




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    Why you should get an exterminator for your pest control solution in Groenkloof

    Although a Do-It-Yourself solution might seem simple enough, attempt are often to no avail. Although some DIY pest control methods do work, they are often unsuccessful in providing a long-term answer to getting rid of your bug problem. In spite of your efforts, pests may develop resistance after repeated DIY control attempts and can even cause the problem to become bigger.

    Controlling pests and making sure they never return requires much more complicated treatment plans than just simply applying a generic store-bought pesticide. Pests go through three or more life stages, including egg, nymph, and different adult phases. Only a competent and experienced pest control service provider know which stages of life are under our control and when these pests normally manifest themselves. It is therefore at your best interest to get a professional pest control company in Groenkloof to assist with the eradication of your pest infestation. A pest control company will:

    • Save costs in the long run – People usually go the DIY route in order to save money. But this method can end up costing you even more, if treatments are ineffective. Get the job done right the first time with a professional exterminator. Get a cost-effective quote for pest control in Groenkloof, from The Pest Control Specialists Pretoria East.
    • Provide an effective solution – DIY pest control does not provide any assurance that the treatment will be sufficient or effective, in contrast to services provided by professionals. Especially if you are not certain that you are following the right treatment plan. On the other hand, a professional pest control company like The Pest Control Specialists in Groenkloof, come with a track record of success and promise a successful pest extermination.


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    If creepy critters are keeping you up at night or causing you stress, let us handle your pest control plan.

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